Surge CIO™

We’re all hands on deck for your biggest projects.

When you’ve got a little more on your plate than you’re equipped to handle, our Surge CIOs™ come prepared. A Surge CIO™ is a full-time, interim member of your team during major turning points in your business:

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Major System Installation
  • System Migration
  • System Reorganization

We offer leadership manpower and maintain continuity of day-to-day activities, without bogging down current executives. We’re at the table with senior leadership to understand and align with your vision — our executive leadership philosophy is built on the belief a collaborative approach paves the way to results.

Maintaining Momentum

Surge CIO™ leadership allows organizations to maintain existing momentum and capitalize on full growth potential, without impeding the realities of daily business. When a big project lands on your table, Crimson Technology Partners offers crucial executive technology leadership.


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