Fractional CIO

A Fractional CIO works part-time hours per week or month, depending on your company’s needs. Small and medium sized businesses are leveraging the power of Fractional CIOs to accelerate growth and align their technology and business strategies, when they cannot financially support or are not ready for a full-time executive.

Surge CIO™

A Surge CIO™ is a full-time, interim member of your team during major turning points in your business. Surge CIO™ leadership allows organizations to maintain existing momentum and capitalize on full growth potential, without impeding the realities of daily business.

Gap CIO™

A Gap CIO™ is a full-time, interim member of your organization, there to fill the void during crucial transitions among the leadership team. During the gap period, we’ll help find your next permanent CIO — from candidate selection to vetting, we lessen the transitional impact and guarantee a suitable and appropriate replacement.

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