Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

Every step of the way…

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence is the Technology Assessment.  Crimson Technology Partners assess the current technology environment, as well as plan and manage any necessary changes to ensure a successful transaction.

A thorough technology assessment is imperative to ensuring a successful M&A transaction. The Technology and IT organizational processes must be synergistic and aligned with the business goals, mission and objectives. In addition to supporting daily operation, our Technology Assessments facilitate a smooth transition among business strategies and trajectories.

From every angle…

Our experienced strategists and technologists evaluate IT ecosystems holistically – the IT organization, partnerships, vendors, existing technology and future tactical and strategic plans.  We develop risk assessment and mitigation plans, develop technology transformation plans and monetize the action plans — we provide data-based recommendations.

Our executive experts work with either a target or acquiring company as it is positioning and preparing for an acquisition, a merger or divestiture.  Additionally, we partner with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms to facilitate with the Due Diligence process.

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