Ways to Build Employee Confidence

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Ways to Build Employee Confidence

Employee engagement is a hot topic, and something we talk about regularly on this blog. It spans from communication and interpersonal relationships, to trust-building and conflict resolution. But what about employee confidence?


What we mean is: the confidence they have in themselves and their abilities.


You know your employees are skilled, competent individuals — that’s why you hired them!


But no matter how great they may be, if their confidence is low and they have insecurities about their performance, contributions or place within the organization, ultimately they won’t reach their fullest potential.


The great thing about confidence is: it can be built. In that same vein, it can also wane and fade away.


As a leader, it is one of our responsibilities to not only instill trust and confidence in our employees, but to give them tools and opportunities that allow them to see their own greatness within.


Here are a couple of ways to do just that:


Let Them Teach Others.

Nothing says, “I trust you” more than letting someone being a teacher. Take a look at your employees and what their truest, strongest skills are. Then, give them the opportunity to share with others.


If you, as a leader, can demonstrate your trust in their abilities, they’re likely to be more confident and comfortable sharing it with others.


Set Them Up for Success.

You know your team. You know what their strengths are, as well as their opportunities for improvement. With that in mind, put the right people in the right position to get a win.


For example, you might have a team member who excels at big picture thinking, strategizing and problem-solving, but dislikes face-to-face client interactions. So, you can recognize if they’re more suited for different responsibilities or role.


Ask for Help.

Your team members have amazing, unique and individual ideas. With each person, you have the opportunity to tap into a new mind, full of creative thinking and problem-solving. Encourage them to share those ideas by asking for their help.


When you face a challenge, make a mistake or just need more support, ask your team! But don’t just ask for their opinions, put them into action.


Asking for help (even as a leader) is a humbling, necessary experience. Yet it will develop strong, connected teams.


See Them as a Whole Person.

Recognize your team members as more than just employees. Just like you, they are real people, too. Everyone comes with their own baggage, experiences, personal conflicts, celebrations and opinions.


Endeavor to discover what your team members are passionate about and what makes them tick outside of the workplace. Those same skills and interests can be translated into workplace success.


For example, you may learn one of your team members is the captain of a local softball team, but in the workplace seldom has the opportunity to be a leader. Take their personal talents and apply them to the workplace by letting them spearhead a new project, take charge with a new initiative or assume more responsibility in other areas.



Leaders who take the time and vested interest in building their team members’ confidence will form deeper connections, and gain their trust and respect.


How are you instilling confidence in your team members? Let us know in the comments below!



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Ways to Build Employee Confidence
One of the many responsibilities of a leader is to build and instill employee confidence in themselves in the work place. Read here for some ways to do just that.

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