Why You Want Intrapreneurs on Your Team

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Sounds like a funny word, or yet another “trendy” topic in the world of work and corporate culture.

But an intrapreneur is a unique type of employee that you want on your team.


So, What Is an Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is essentially an employee with the mindset of an entrepreneur. That is to say, they are comfortable with autonomy, taking responsibility, and coming up with creative, innovative ways to solve problems.

Intrapreneurs act like leaders, and are committed to results as much as any business owner or leader would be.

A typical employee is more prone to taking direction and wanting simplicity in tasks that are cut and dry — they usually don’t take a lot of initiative or look beyond on the general scope of their roles.

Employees and intrapreneurs have their place in a variety of situations — one is not better than the other; and our work world needs both mindsets to survive.

However, from the perspective of a leader, intrapreneurs are highly valuble to your organization.

Here’s how you can identify and develop intrapreneurs in your organization.


Intrapreneurs Are Highly Adaptable.

How can you tell if you have an intrapraneur in your midst? See what they do in a tough situation.

They can keep up with an ever-evolving business landscape; they react well to curveballs; and they are always observing and adapting.

Adaptability is a core trait of an intrapreneur; and is usually characterized by someone who is great at developing new solutions and coming at challenges with a fresh perspective.


They Motivate Themselves.

This person doesn’t need a babysitter or any micromanaging to get their job done. Intrapreneurs are autonomous and self-motivated to achieve results.

They internalize the mission of the company, the values and the ways in which they can contribute to the success of the company.


Humble Confidence Is Second Nature.

There is a fine line between humility and confidence; and the most successful leaders do both very well. Confidence doesn’t always equate with arrogance.

Confidence is a mentality that you are capable of what you set your mind to; that with the right team and creative energy, you can execute on decisions and solutions that ultimately bring about positive results.


Intrapreneurs Are Even-tempered.

Have you ever noticed how the energy and mood of another person can effect your own mood?

It goes for both positive and negative emotions.

Intrapreneurs have an innate ability to put others at ease and give them space to become their best, most effective selves.

Individuals who are highly erratic or fluctuate between extreme emotions are difficult to rely on and trust, especially in a position of leadership.


How to Help Your Intrapreneurs

As a leader, you can encourage and nurture intrapreneurs within your team with a few targeted methods:

1. Emphasize employee relationships.

2. Encourage individuality.

3. Allow your employees to be autonomous.

4. Give them opportunities for growth.

5. Share ideas and brainstorm often.

Developing your team is a time investment that will always be worth your while. If you can identify intrapreneurs within your team early on, you can help them develop and grow as team members; which will ultimately impact your business in a positive way.

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Why You Want Intrapreneurs on Your Team
You might have a hidden gem on your team: the intrapreneur. Read to find out what their qualities are, and how to help them perform at their best; for themselves and for the team.

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