It’s Time for Some Mental Spring Cleaning With Your Team

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Mental Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, folks!

Some of my favorite times of year happen in the spring: baseball season is in full swing, the Masters is just around the corner in April, along with the NBA playoffs, and in just a few weeks taxes will be filed and FINALLY off my to-do list.

With much excitement and things to look forward to (especially warmer weather), it’s also the perfect time to guide your team through some much needed mental spring cleaning.

Clutter and emotional distress in our minds can hold us back from more creative thinking, problem-solving and a productive work environment. You may have even noticed it among your team — sluggishness, disinterest or even boredom.

It’s time to sweep the cobwebs and dust out from the dark corners of our minds and jump into spring with a clear head.

Organize a team meeting solely dedicated to “mental spring cleaning”; and as a team, consider the following:


Face Failures Together

What “failures” are holding us back?

Maybe you lost a client or a new idea fell flat, but “failures” are natural and necessary. The residual effects may be lingering around the office and holding your team back from pushing the envelope.

Have you fallen into the status quo because of a fear of failure?

Is this fear causing anxiety, frustration, low-self esteem or something else?

Identify potential barriers you’re facing collectively, as well as on the individual level. Brainstorm ways to overcome those barriers so you can all move on.


Get Back on Track

Does everyone know what is expected of them? Where is there confusion or lack of clarity? 

Lack of clarity is the biggest roadblock to achieving results. Team members need clear, concise goals in order to perform at their best.

Now is a great time to revisit goals, set new goals and monitor progress. You may find that team members aren’t performing at their best because they don’t actually know what is expected of them, and they don’t feel comfortable speaking up.

Start from a fresh page and clearly identify the roles and expectations of each individual, group or department, and how each entity factors into the success of the whole.


People Are the True Assets

Does anyone feel overworked or overwhelmed?

We all get busy. It’s an inevitability of the world of work, but a persistent feeling of being overwhelmed will eventually lead to total burnout.

Check out: 6 Ways to Spot Employee Burnout

Protecting the wellbeing of your team members is of the utmost importance. After all, they are your most valuable assets!

Team members should be comfortable speaking up when things get too overwhelming or if they need support; otherwise you may not know until they hit a breaking point.


Talk About It!

How is our communication?

Communication is the cornerstone of your team’s success.

Reflect on these questions for your team:

  • How is everyone getting along?
  • Are there any unresolved disputes or disagreements?
  • Are we using productive conflict to our advantage or getting lost in disagreement and forging barriers?

Hold space for your employees. Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up, without fear of judgment or repercussions.


Start here: Meaningful Conversations to Have With Your Team TODAY

Mental spring cleaning will create space for more doing and less thinking.

How are you helping your team remove mental clutter this spring? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!


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It's Time for Some Mental Spring Cleaning With Your Team
Did a harsh winter take a toll not only on physical health but the mental health of your team at work? Time for a fresh start: read these touch points on mental spring cleaning for your team.

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