The Best of Servant Leadership

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The Best of Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is at the cornerstone of our philosophy. This is because we believe leadership should be less about who’s “in charge” or at the top of the food chain, and more about how leaders can support their team members in becoming their best selves.


Since starting our blog over a year ago, we’ve shared some of our favorite insights on empathy, communication, relationships, team-building, and of course, leadership.


This week, we’re looking back on some of our favorite blog moments to make sure you haven’t missed a beat.


Take a look:

Why Empathetic Leaders Are the Most Effective


Why We Need More Empathetic Leaders

More leaders are seeing the advantages of leading with an empathetic and compassionate demeanor to promote trust, loyalty and unwavering bonds. To put empathetic leadership into practice, consider the following:


Let people talk, even when you want to jump in with your own tidbit or opinion. Holding space for people to say their piece, express their concerns, and share their ideas is cornerstone to empathetic leadership.


Live by the “93 percent rule.” This is where only 7% of communication is verbal and the remaining 93% is comprised of body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and other non-verbal cues.


Use people’s names — and smile. People respond well to hearing their own name, particularly in combination with praise or positive affirmation.


There’s more where that came from — check out the full article here!


Five Ways to Become a More Approachable Leader

Are You an Approachable Leader?

How important are things like knowledge, talent, and experience, when your team members don’t feel comfortable approaching you?


Approachability means enabling teams to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and coming closer together, in order to produce truly exceptional results.


Here are five ways to instantly become more approachable:

1. Share your mistakes.

Mistakes make leaders more relatable, more human. Fessing up is braver than pretending you’re invincible.


2. Share the success.

No success is accomplished on the back of a single individual. Give credit where credit is due and offer praise for a job well done.


 3. Always err on the side of positivity.

People are drawn towards positivity. As a leader, it’s especially important to motivate and inspire your team through optimism.


Want to know more? The full list is available, here.


A Positive Culture Is a Productive Culture

How to Build a Positive Culture That People Want to Be a Part Of

Why shouldn’t the office be a fun place to work and be around people? A positive work culture starts with the actions of the leader.


Want to bring more excitement and life into your workplace? Here’s how:


Stop negativity in its tracks.

Protect your employees and make them feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Even adults are subject to bullying and competition! Be a positive light for your team and lead by example. Negativity can cost employers huge losses in turnover and stifled innovation.


Liven up your meetings.

Highlight weekly “wins”, give every member a chance to share a win, either personal or of another person. Think of quick and simple bonuses like a company lunch or special workshop that will switch up the status quo and bring new life into the office.


Highlight best practices.

If you’ve noticed a business, who has a truly exceptional company culture, tell your team about it. Get them as excited about that “it” factor; find inspiration and embrace it.


We’ve got even more ideas for positive work culture in the full post.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-recap as much as we have!


What has been your favorite post or topic? Let us know so we can keep bringing you the content you love!


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