Presence Is The Secret to Strong Leadership

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Presence Is The Secret to Strong Leadership

Leadership and coaching are big responsibilities. They can also come with a lot of pressure; one mistake could cost your team and organization massively.

Presence is your secret weapon to sensational leadership.


Why Is Presence Important?

Presence restores the peace.

When challenges arise, presence will keep you centered and focused on the problem at hand, rather than the “what ifs” and worst case scenarios.


It attracts the right people.

Leaders with a strong sense of presence are better communicators and forge more genuine connections, thus attracting the people they need most.


And it expands your perspective.

Presence gives you a holistic view of each situation so you can tap into how others are thinking and feeling, and understand each moment more fully.


Finally, presence strengthens your intuition.

Once you learn to be present, you will realize what is meant to be and know that the “right” path will always appear. As you discover what is current and actual because you are physically and mentally there, you will learn to trust yourself more fully.


With these leadership techniques, you will learn to create space, be more present and show up 100% of the time to support your team.


Leave Your Script at Home.

Leadership can not always be planned. It can even be compared to improv because from day-to-day you never know what might turn up.

Avoid planning or memorizing “lines” or specific things you want to say to your team. It can come across as impersonal and rehearsed, and will distract you from true, active listening.

Present leaders must always be in the moment and listen carefully to what each unique situation brings.

The only thing you can truly plan ahead are your values and goals.


Eliminate Distractions.

Commit to giving your team your absolute, full and undivided attention. This might sound obvious, but creating an atmosphere completely devoid of distractions is of the utmost importance.

Set the stage for great communication. So, silence your electronics, don’t plan any meetings or calls around the time of your meeting, and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.


Get Focused Before Your Conversation.

Take a few minutes to yourself to quiet your mind and set your intentions. Remove distractions and fully immerse yourself in the present.

What do you hope to accomplish from this meeting?

Let that be your guiding light and allow the conversation to flow naturally.


Ask, Don’t Probe.

Sometimes we ask certain questions because we have an agenda. We are looking for a specific answer or information.

While questions are necessary and an important indication of active listening, they can also lead to the answers we want to hear rather than what is actual and true.

Ask questions to understand and connect, not as tools to lead to your own ideas.


Be Curious.

Always seek to learn and understand more. Genuine curiosity will spark new ideas, connections and learning.

Remove your expectations and lead with an open mind. Give up control of the situation and let the conversation build and guide you organically.


Presence is an ever-evolving skill. Stay alert, stay focused and be in the moment.


How has presence formed your leadership style? Let us know in the comments below!



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Presence Is The Secret to Strong Leadership
The top quality of a great leader is presence. Read here to find out why presence matters for your workplace team, and how to become a more present leader.

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