The Mistake Many Leaders Make

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Do you know the most common complaints of employees? Lack of help and support from their boss, and uncertainty about their company’s vision.

In other words, when a leader doesn’t do their job to make the team members feel supported and appreciated, work performance will suffer as employee dissatisfaction grows.

When leaders don’t serve and support their employees’ best interests, employees are not motivated to do their jobs well and achieve successful results for the whole team.

Here are some of the ways employees wish their leaders were supporting them:


What Employees Want from Leaders


  • Forming strong relationships

These are essential to a positive workplace and culture. Team members who feel connected to their bosses – whom they trust, respect and acutally like – are more likely to be happy at work.

Think about the most unsatisfactory boss you had.

What did he or she do wrong?

If you’d had a relationship with your boss, in which you felt you could approach them, seek guidance and whose input you valued, would you have perceived them differently?

Of course you would have. People crave connection. Bosses who show they care are likely to have happier employees.


  • Leaders are happy themselves

Their positivity naturally radiates onto their teams. On the other hand, employees will also reflect their bosses’ unhappiness, frustration or negativity in their work performance.

Happy bosses are more likely to do what it takes to make their employees happy and to share their positivity as a good example.

Being in a position of leadership is a big responsibility, but you can’t help others until you help yourself.


  • Listening to employee needs

This is crucial to keeping your team happy and productive. Not only listening to your employees’ needs, but also responding by acting on them.

If your team brings to your attention a problem they have that is hindering their workplace success, find a solution.

Empathy shows you understand, action shows you care.


  • Hire the right people

Hiring new people – with consideration to the existing workplace culture and vision of your organization- is an excellent way to keep employees motivated.

If your company is going through a period of transition, taking on new work or has a structural gap, the hiring process may be too time sensitive and result in an unfavorable hire.

Taking your time to hire and train a new team member, or finding an interim option will ensure you’re not finding a band-aid solution, but something that will support the future of your organization.

Include your team members in the hiring process .

Leaders who support their teams and give them the tools to achieve can greatly reduce:

  • Confusion about what is required of their role and the objectives of their firm.
  • Stress over whether or not they are performing well or how their superiors perceive them.
  • Employee turnover due to dissatisfaction.
  • Hiring and training costs to handle transitions, new team members and onboarding.


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The Mistake Many Leaders Make
The most common complaints among employees are lack of support form their bosses and a clear vision. Learn more about the mistake many leaders make.

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