Encouraging Mentorship in Your Team

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Creating a culture of learning in your organization will build not only better individuals but also better teams.

What is A Culture of Learning?

It is a commitment to continuous growth and improvement. It is a shared mission among all team members to get better as individuals and support one another in their own growth.

A culture of learning is built through mentorship. There are many different ways to implement mentorship in your organization; there are formal arrangements, as well as ad-hoc approaches and coaching.

How to Get Started

1. Talk

Talk with your team about your vision and what mentorship means to you. What are your goals for implementing a culture of learning and mentorship? What are your personal experiences with mentorship?

If you want your team to buy into your vision, you need to be explicit and include them in the process. Show your team how your ideas can benefit them, as well as what they can share with others.

2. Share

Look for ways to start sharing skills and knowledge. Every employee has their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, where one employee may be great at client relations, another may need some improving. As a pair, they can connect and coach each other.

3. Encourage

Encourage team members to seek help from each other, and emphasize the importance of sharing knowledge, rather than relying on team members to fill personal voids inability. It can also be useful to ask team members where they want to improve, then work on pairing mentors and mentees based on your findings.

Mentorship doesn’t need to be limited to times when team members are struggling. Remember, a culture of learning a continuous commitment, not just when the going gets rough.

4. Create

Create a structured way to share as a team. Consider establishing a regular “lunch and learn” or meeting time where team members can train others on skills where they are strong.

An important aspect of mentorship is to show appreciation. Recognize your team’s efforts to teach and share; encourage them to seek guidance and ask for help; give praise to reinforce desired behaviors.

5. Ask

Ask for feedback. How does your team perceive mentorship? Are your current processes working? Where can you improve, as a team?

If your team doesn’t seem themselves in the process, they will resist buying in and benefiting.

6. Commit

Finally, commit to improving yourself. Great leaders are also looking for ways to improve and lead their teams to greater results and success. When your team sees your commitment to personal development, they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Leadership development shows your humility and willingness to grow.

How have you experienced mentorship throughout your career? How do your experiences influence your mentorship initiatives, now?

We Can Help

Successful mentorship is about teamwork and communication. Do you have a working mentorship program on your team?

Ask us about our Executive Talent Solutions, and how we can work together to create a culture of learning in your organization.

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Encouraging Mentorship in Your Team
Creating a culture of learning in your organization will not only build better individuals, but also better teams. Learn more about encouraging mentorship in your team.

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