Does Your Vision Inspire Action?

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Does Your Vision Inspire Action?

Vision is the foundation of every great team and the results they achieve.

As a leader, you must have a compelling vision your team can get behind. It is what gives them direction, motivation and the will to keep going even when barriers arise.

Every goal or objective you set should be supported by an overarching vision.

With that understanding, imagine how little your team will be able to achieve when there is not a compelling vision?


What Does A Vision Do?

It’s like driving down a winding, bumpy dirt road with your headlights off. You may be able to navigate your way in the end, but the going will be slow. And you may take a few wrong turns or even have to stop everything all together before getting back on track.

When your vision is solid and compelling, the lights come on. Even when there are curves and bumps in the road, your team members are able to navigate them with confidence and clarity — and hopefully enjoyment!

If you want to create a compelling vision for your team so they can flourish and prosper under your leadership, you need to do the following:



Establish Why Your Vision Is So Key.

Don’t just tell your team what you want them to do or what you need to achieve. Tell them why it is important.

Consider how your vision is essential to the organization as a whole, as well as on the individual level. Why are the actions of each department or team integral to overall success?

Establishing a “why” will gain you more buy-in. If a team member can see how their work is important, they will “drink the kool-aid.” Having a purpose will give them motivation — even when the going gets tough.

Think about how specific actions will make their lives better, both personally and professionally.


Describe Your Vision in Living Color.

Bring your vision to life!

What will life be like in the office, for client, for your team members and their families, if your vision is realized?

Give tangible examples, whether that be more work-life balance, compensation incentives or other such items that team members can relate to and conceptualize.

It may also be lucrative to describe what could happen if the vision is NOT realized. What would it mean for the organization?

What about on the individual level? How will their personal lives be effected?

The point isn’t to scare them into action, but to face the realities of all possible scenarios.


Communicate Often and Encourage Dialogue.

Communication is a two-way street. Even your vision should allow for dialogue and conversation.

Encourage them to ask questions and share their ideas. Let it be known that you want their feedback and are not threatened by it. Chances are, they will bring to light a new perspective, you hadn’t even considered. That’s the beauty of teamwork!

If team members are given the chance to weigh in, they will be more likely to buy in — simply as that!

Realizing your vision doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, and it takes each and every team member getting on board to come to fruition.


Need help getting your team on board with your vision?


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Does Your Vision Inspire Action?
One way to get team members to see you as a credible leader is to have and share a vision. Read here on why a vision leads to buy-in, and how to inspire your team with it.

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