How to Build a Positive Culture, People Want to Be a Part Of

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Is your office a place people want to be or simply a place they have to be? It doesn’t take a ton of effort to make the office a more fun place to be and the rewards are expansive.

A positive culture starts with the leadership. Here are five ways to build a positive culture, people want to be a part of:

1. Liven up your meetings.

Making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be, isn’t restricted to social events or special activities. Livening up your work activities is a win-win: get business done and have a good time.

Highlight weekly “wins,” give every member a chance to share a win, either personal or of another person. Track your wins week to week, similar to a scoreboard. Visual displays of progress and accountability stick more and are more motivating.

A surefire way to make meetings more exciting is super simple, something we can all get on board with free food. Why not cater lunch or coffee and cake? Simple bonuses can change the whole atmosphere in the office.

2. Get social online.

Most businesses use social media accounts to market their services, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, it’s also a fun idea to incorporate some “insider” info into your accounts, as well. Consider profiling a team member after a great accomplish. Or, post a team photo during a team outing, training or just around the office.

On the other hand, post interesting facts or trivia relevant to your industry, which get people talking and your employees excited to engage with your posts. It’s a double bonus of hyping up your team members and expanding the presence of your online community.

3. Highlight examples.

Noticed a business in your industry or not, who has a truly exceptional company culture? Tell your team about it. Get them as excited about what that “it” factor is and incorporate it into your own office. Maybe you can’t exactly emulate what Google has going on in their offices, but surely you can take bits and pieces and make them your own. Find inspiration and embrace it.

4. Include employees in daily operations.

Don’t keep the good news all to yourself until it comes into fruition. There’s plenty going on behind the scenes that your team is likely unaware of on a day-to-day basis. Shed light on what’s on the horizon. Engage your team in upcoming changes, even the tiniest things, such as new office equipment or furniture. Even the little things can make team members feel connected, involved and considered.

5. Stop negativity in its tracks.

Even as adults, we’re subject to bullying, competition and negativity in the office place. As a leader, it’s your job to protect your employees and make them feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

If you notice a bad apple or a wave of negativity flowing through the office, nip it in the bud. Be a positive light for your team and lead by example. Negativity can cost employers huge costs in turnover and stifled innovation.

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How to Build a Positive Culture, People Want to Be a Part Of
Is your office a place people want to be or simply a place they have to be? Check out five ways to build a positive culture; people want to be a part of!

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